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Hey y’all! I’m Gwen Campbell, the creator of the Building Businesses Blog.

In 2015, I was finishing up my Industrial & Systems Engineering degree at Rutgers University with a Wall Street job offer waiting for me on the other side. While the money was great, really great, I decided to deny the Wall Street offer, pack what I could fit into my car, and move to a city I had never even been to before, Raleigh, North Carolina. I decided that while the money was tempting, so tempting, I wanted to pursue an arena where I could make a larger impact and change the world for the better. That is how I settled on the North Carolina startup scene. Once in Raleigh with an air mattress and two cats, I started my startup search to see who would hire the girl crazy enough to leave everything behind and risk it all for a dream. Well, in July of 2015, I was the first full time employee hired at a startup company called FokusLabs, now Revibe Technologies, which was founded by a school psychologist who invented a vibration reminder wristband to help people focus. Revibe and I have been growing up together ever since, and now we are a team of 12 people with two products, the second of which I helped to invent.

Ever since starting my own wild entrepreneurial journey, I always get asked, “what is it like?” and instead of repeating my story, I decided to highlight interesting entrepreneurs to show you all the infinite number of ways entrepreneurship comes to fruition. I hope you enjoy!


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"Help others achieve their dreams and you will achieve yours"

Les Brown

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